The staff of PS 309

Main Office

Agent Sargent, School Security
Ms. Mucci, Secretary
Mr. Spaulding, Parent Coordinator


Mr. Johnny, Paraprofessional
Ms. Jones, Paraprofessional
Ms. Mason, Paraprofessional
Mr. Josh, Teacher
Ms. John, Teacher
Ms. Wiley, Teacher


Ms. Porter, Teacher
Ms. Valdez, Paraprofessional
Ms. Abreu, Paraprofessional
Ms. Sampson, Teacher
Ms. Pearce, Teacher

Grade 1

Ms. Porter, Teacher
Ms. Valdez, Paraprofessional
Ms. Leibowitz, Teacher
Ms. Ford, Teacher

Grade 2

Ms. Schauder, Teacher
Ms. Martinez, Teacher
Ms. Bovelle, Teacher

Grade 3

Ms. Briggs, Paraprofessional
Ms. Slack, Teacher
Mr. Dennis, Teacher
Ms. Carter, Teacher
Ms. Pratt, Paraprofessional
Mr. Small, Teacher

Grade 4

Mr. Taylor, Paraprofessional
Ms. Tripoulas, Teacher
Ms. Lim, Teacher

Grade 5

Ms. Michael, Teacher
Mr. Taylor, Paraprofessional
Ms. Avent, Paraprofessional
Ms. Baker, Paraprofessional
Ms. Tripoulas, Teacher
Ms. Allen, Teacher
Ms. Slack, Teacher

Curriculum Specialists

Ms. Deas, Visual Art
Ms. Goodwin, Physical Education
Mr. Dennis, Science

Professional Support

Ms. Gerber, PT
Ms. Chaya, OT
Ms. Bennicke, English as a Second Language
Ms. Leibowitz, Resource Room
Ms. Henry, Speech
Ms. Kornhauser, Guidance Counselor

Health Clinic

Ms. Johnson, RMA
Ms. DeLeon, PA


Tanya Bryant, Principal
Katrina Liebst, Assistant Principal

School Aides

Mr. Massey, Dean
Ms. Watson, School Aide
Ms. Huggins, School Aide
Mr. Oquendo, School Aide

School Based Support Team

Mr. Minor, Family Worker
Mr. Farrell, Social Worker
Ms. Calder, School Psychologist