Our Students

At P.S. 309 we take a holistic approach to learning.  In addition to a rigorous curriculum and high expectations for student achievement, our students also learn about health and nutrition, social responsibility and conflict resolution, and the arts through dance and drama.  As members of the P.S. 309 community, students will develop the skills to lead healthy lives and become engaged citizens.   We have many partnerships that support our goals for our students and families.  Check out the links below to learn more about the programs and opportunities we offer our P.S. 309 students.

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Students use MyOn in class to build reading stamina.  MyOn offers students a large library of online books to read at school and at home.  Click here to login and practice reading at home.

The Student Council organizes and prepares all of our monthly Town Hall meetings. Attend our performances and see our student leaders in action!