Mr. Dennis, Science:

This month our Young Scientists will be working in many different fields of science. Topics will include:

· Pre-K – Continuing our focus on sensing the world around us, our work will include a look at our senses and how we use them to get information in the natural world.

· Kindergarten – Students observe, compare, and describe the physical properties of trees and their structures throughout the seasons. Students develop a beginning awareness of the characteristics and life cycle of trees and an awareness of trees in their environment.

· First Grade – Students’ ideas about the characteristics of organisms develop from their basic concepts of living and nonliving things. As students investigate the continuity of life, emphasis should be placed on how animals reproduce their own kind. Teachers should lead students to make observations about how the offspring of familiar animals compare to one another and to their parents. Throughout time, animals have changed depending on their environment. In learning how organisms have been successful in their habitats, students should observe and record information about animals. They should begin to recognize how differences among individuals within a species can help an organism or population to survive. Students at this level will identify the behaviors and physical adaptations that allow organisms to survive in their environment. Students describe animal life cycles and life spans.

· Second Grade – Many of the phenomena that we observe on Earth involve interactions among components of air, water, and land. Students should be engaged in observing, describing, and investigating the basic properties and components of soil. Students should explore how erosion and deposition are the results of interactions between air, water, and land. Students should observe and describe the physical properties of rocks. Compare and sort rocks by size, color, luster, texture, patterns, hardness/softness. Students should understand that nonliving things can be human-created or naturally occurring.

· Third Grade – Students should understand that energy exists in a variety of forms. Students should observe the results of simple energy transformations from one form to another in their physical environment. The safe use and respect of various energy forms must be stressed in the classroom. Describe a variety of forms of energy (e.g., heat, chemical, light) and the changes that occur in objects when they interact with those forms of energy.

· Fourth Grade – Students will understand characteristics and properties of electricity and magnetism. They will also understand the relationship between electricity and magnetism. The focus will be on simple circuits, conductivity and magnetic force.

· Fifth Grade -The purpose of this unit is to study the components of the lithosphere and the processes by which it will change over time. Through scientific inquiry, students may analyze data, explain using models and draw conclusions about events that change the surface of the Earth, and its consequences.

Also this month, our Second Grade Science Club students are working on our coding skills through This program will help our students practice skills in the language of computers, preparing them for the future in the field of computer science.

Check back with us for more updates in the coming months!!!!


Mr. Dennis

Ms. Goodwin, Physical Education:

Kindergarten through 2nd Grade

This month students will be working on cooperative games. Each class they will be presented with an activity or game where they have to solve a problem, come up with a strategy, and execute their plan. Working together as a team is a vital role in their everyday lives. Cooperative games teach how to communicate, solve problems calmly, and encourage one another to be successful.

3rd-5th Grade

It’s time for Basketball!! During our basketball unit students will work on the various skills needed to be an efficient player. Students will also learn the court lines, fouls, and strategies, needed to play a full game. Instilling teamwork and effective communication will help the students grow as an athlete.

Please remember to send your child in sneakers on their physical education days.

Healthy snack ideas: apples, grapes, bananas, yogurt, carrot sticks, smart pop popcorn, whole wheat pretzels, dried fruit, water.

Watch out for sugary drinks…Did you know orange juice has the least amount of sugar in it compared to apple and grape juice? The recommended daily amount of sugar intake for students is less than 25 grams.

Parents don’t forget Wednesdays at 8am in the auditorium yoga class!

Ms. Deas, Visual Art:

Updates for art:

Pre-K, K and 1 will be focusing on our book of the month – Edward Gets Messy and then moving on to Thanksgiving turkeys.

2nd & 3rd will be talking about Thanksgiving, building a cornucopia sculpture of healthy foods inspired by the artist Claes Oldenburg.

4th & 5th will be focused on culture & art. 4th will be learning basket weaving/Native American art. 5th will be exploring Day of the Dead Calaveras/Mexican traditions.

Thank you!
Ms. Deas



Ms. Bennicke, English as a Second Language (ESL):

Dear Parents/Guardians,
This is Mrs. Bennicke coming to you from PS 309 where your child shines! I would like to say it is a pleasure teaching your children and I would like to give you an update on some of the activities we will be doing this month.
The topics that the English Language Learners will focus on in the month of November are Communities, Helping Hands, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Health and Safety in the Speaking modality. In the Listening/Reading/Writing modalities,  the topics will include Land and Sea – Song of the Sea, The Changing Earth and Milton Hershey and The Midnight Rider in America’s Story to name a few. Hoping to have a productive November working with your scholars.
Mrs. Bennicke
ENL Teacher/Coordinator
PS  309

Ms. Longacre, Music:

Dear Parents and Guardians,

During the month of November, our students will be working on many different activities, songs, dances, and games to improve their musicality and encourage a love of music!

-Pre-K​ will be exploring the musical concepts of fast and slow, high and low sounds, and listening to a variety of repertoire to enhance their musical abilities. We will play instruments, learn new music for our Winter concert, and explore the elements of music.

– Kindergarten​ will be reading music for the first time through written notation. Our students will describe music they hear, compare genres, and identify instruments through listening. We will also be working on new music and a lot of fun games which help build their skills as musical learners.

– First​ ​Grade​ will begin to write their own musical compositions while singing, clapping, and playing instruments along with their own written pieces. They will learn new notes, new songs, and explore a variety of different genres of music.

– 2nd​ ​Grade​ ​will experience composing, discuss the ideas of form, and improvise their own melodies and rhythmic patterns. They will discuss the instrument families, listen to and play a variety of instruments, and enhance their singing voices through vocal exercises and brand new songs for our Winter Concert.

– 3rd​ ​Grade​ will begin a unit on Solfege (Do, Re, Mi…) and the ideas of writing and singing their own songs. We will work on a variety of songs, introduce Curwen hand signs into their repertoire, and discuss the work of Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach.

– 4th​ ​Grade​ will experience two part singing, drum circles, and a variety of genres including Rock and Roll and Opera. 4th grade’s musical knowledge will increase with new notes and concepts of music, and exploring the music of North and South America.

– 5th​ ​Grade​ will learn to evaluate their own musical performances and describe different music they hear using our musical vocabulary. We will explore world music, jazz, opera, and a variety of classical composers. We will also experience more challenging two part singing to prepare 5th grade for singing in a large choir.

I am very excited for all the new developments this month and can’t wait for you to see our Winter Concert on December 21st. Check back later for more updates!

– Ms. Longacre