Mr. Dennis, Science:

Ms. Goodwin, Physical Education:

Kindergarten through 5th Grade:  Dance!

This month students are learning the various styles of dance. Each class will learn various social group dances like the Cha-Cha Slide, Cupid Shuffle or the Cotton-Eyed Joe. Students will also get a taste of hip-hop, jazz, ballet, country line dancing and square dancing. PreK through second grade will focus more on group dances while third through fifth will end the unit by choreographing their own mini group dance.

Dance is an important part of your child’s social-emotional growth. Teaching dance in elementary school provides students the opportunity to learn in a safe, non-competitive, and fun environment. Dance teaches students about patterns, rhythm, structure, spatial awareness, helps them become less clumsy, and learn to express their feelings in a creative way.


Ms. Deas, Visual Art:

Hello to all Parents and Guardians:

Happy March!

Spring is in the air! With the seasonal changes upon us, I will be introducing color theory, as we will be seeing and experiencing many bright colors in the world around us. Students will learn primary colors, warm vs. cool colors, and complimentary colors too. Our Parent Paint Night is still in the works but has been pushed back to April. Please continue to look out for the date next month as I am looking forward to the event and hope you are as well.

This month in art we will be focusing on the following:

Pre –K to Grade 3: Art & Science – Flowers

Students will be learning about plants on multiple levels and identifying parts of a flower. We will also examine the process of a seed becoming a flower (PK &K). Students will examine slow motion and time-lapse videos of flowers blooming. We will be inspired by these artists – Vincent van Gogh, Wassily Kandinsky.

Grade 4: Art & History – Slavery

Students will examine slave quarters on plantations and create models to better understand the experience of slaves in the South. Students will view filtered artwork by Kara Walker.

Grade 5: Art & History – Women’s History Month

Students will highlight the importance of women in history by creating a collaborative class banner.

Congratulations to all March students of the month and I hope to see you all at Parent-Teacher conferences on March 15th. Thank you for supporting the arts.

-Ms. Deas, Visual Arts


Ms. Bennicke, English as a Second Language (ESL):

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The George E. Wibecan Preparatory Academy English as a New Language (ENL) Program has been hard at work preparing the children for the New York State English as a Second Language Achievement Test (NYSESLAT). We have been focusing on the speaking and reading modalities these last few weeks as well as the listening and writing.  To practice writing at home, you can dictate letters and short sentences, read a very short story and have the children write a few sentences about the story. This will support beginner students (entering, emerging, low intermediate). To practice spelling, have the children take a spelling test. This will help all students. After the Spring Break when we are back at school on April 9th, we will be taking the speaking test (individual). From May 7th to May 18th, we will be taking the listening, reading, and writing tests. I will send a reminder home at that time.

Mrs. Bennicke
ENL Teacher/ Coordinator