In the Young Debaters Program, students are engaged in  lessons where they practice arguing and strengthen their debating skills. Students read and study a case and the law that applies to it for presenting  their arguments to the class. Students will be compeing against other schools in June.

Ms. Allen & Ms. Michael Acts of Courage


Class 502 studied important people in Black History with Ms. Deas.


Women’s  History Projects are due by Thursday march 28th.   Please review the Project packet with your child to ensure timely submission of this project which will be counted as part of their 5th grade portfolio.





In anticipation of the approaching state exams, we’ve begun focus lessons on how to  respond to short answer questions, and extended response questions. Students are learning to use strategies like R.A.C.E, R.E.l.a.x and to chunk and annotate text as they read to increase their chance of getting the correct answer. Parents please refer to the charts  below  to see how you can better assist your child.

Image result for r.a.c.e for writing



Image result for r.e.l.a.x chart