Matter Matter Everywhere with Ms. Ford and Ms. Leibowitz’s class.


Hello and Happy New Year to all of our First Grade families. We are excited to announce that we have joined the ClassDojo family. The students have been earning points and learning about goal setting through the ClassDojo point system. Please join in on the fun!!!




In Reading, first graders are currently learning what it takes to become a classroom citizen through character study.  Analyzing characters, identifying and using words in stories, and using illustrations and details in a story to describe characters are a few of the skills that our scholars have been learning while reading “A Fine, Fine School.”

One way that you can help our readers at home is by asking questions about the words in the story. For example: What do you think the word ______ means in that sentence? What did the character mean when he/she said _______? Can you use the word ______ in a sentence? This helps to build reading comprehension which is one of the greatest building blocks to success.

Common Core State Standards

RL. 1.2 Retell a story including key details.

RL.1.3  Describe characters, settings, and major events in a story, using key details.

RL. 1.4 Identify and use words in stories.