Dear Parents,

Welcome to a new school year.  Usually a new school year means nervous mornings and lots of adjusting.  Hopefully by working together we can ease some of the new class jitters.  As your child’s teachers, we intend to give every child all the guidance we can to prepare him/her for the fifth grade.

This year we will be working on many wonderful activities. These activities will promote growth and independence in our students.  Your children will be role models for the rest of the school, since they are outstanding fourth graders.  In order to have a successful year, please ensure that each child has the following supplies:

-8 Marble Composition Books
-6 2- pocket folders
-2 packs of Post-its
-Glue Stick
-1 boxes of Pens – Black or blue ink only
-2 boxes of #2 pencils
-1 pack of loose leaf paper
-Small Pencil Sharpener
-2 Boxes of Tissues
-liquid Hand Soap
-1 sandwich size box of Ziploc bags

We would appreciate it if you can purchase these supplies as soon as possible.  We are eager to begin working on our projects; As well as, feeding our brains with knowledge.  We look forward to starting the new school year on a strong leg.

Sincerely your Fourth Grade Teachers,
Ms. Lim & Ms. Tripoulas






 Unit 1A theme is “Becoming Researchers”

 Students will be learning to how to observe the world around them as researchers by identifying and discussing the text. 

Anchor Text  Tarantula Scientist, Sam Marshall,  by Sy Montgomery.

Readers will be able to identify and analyze the point of view, features, and text structure of narrative nonfiction texts.

Common Core English Language Arts Learning Standards:

R.I.4.4 Determine the meaning of and use academic and domain-specific words in a text
R.I.4.2 Determine the main idea of a text and explain how it is supported by key details in the text.


arachnologist- scientific study of spiders and related animals

pedipalps- second pair of body parts; appendages

arachnids- small creature such as a spider, that has eight legs and a body with two parts

invertebrates- animal that has no backbone