Wonder reflections with Ms. K.


Analzying quotes from Wonder with Ms. Tripoulas’ class.


Analyzing quotes from Wonder with Ms. Lim’s class.





Anchor Text The BirchBark House by Louise Erdich

Readers will compare and contrast texts to analyze ideas

Students will use graphic organizers to help identify key ideas and details to help support their ideas from within the book.


These are some suggested texts that connect closely and can help students understand comparing and contrasting of texts

Girl of the Shining Mountains  by Peter Roop and Connie Roop

Bad River Boys by Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve

The Porcupine Year by Louise Erdrich

Children of the Longhouse by Joseph Bruchac


Vigilance- to keep careful watch

Sympathetic- to have understanding or be kind to someone in their time of need

Admonished- to warn or reprimand

Indistinguishable- things that are so similar that you cannot see any difference between them

Phenomenal- when something is outstanding: great

Sallow- pale

Perched- to be sitting or resting in a high position or to rest on a perch as a bird


Common Core Reading Standards

RL.4.4 Identify key ideas and details in a story.

RL.4.3 Use details from a story to learn about a character.