Art with Ms. Deas


Sorting Matter with Ms. Pearce’s class.


Sorting Matter with Ms. Sampson’s class.


What’s the Matter? with Ms. Porter’s class.






Please read with your child every night for at least 20 minutes.  Ask your child questions and discuss the book you are reading.  Consider using works from such great children’s authors as Vera B. Williams and Ezra Jack Keats.

Unit 2
Big Idea: Change
Understanding Then and Now

We are reading “A Little House” by Virginia Lee Burton.  You may ask your child the following comprehension questions while we are reading “A Little House”:

-What does the little house like about the country?
-Why does little house like living in the city?
-Why does the great granddaughter of the man who built the little house stop when she sees the little house?
-What is the first thing that little house sees in the countryside?
-Why does the little house only see the sun at noon?
-What is the purpose of the road?

Review the following vocabulary words:
-elevated train
-steam shovel

Your child is learning to identify letters and letter sounds.  We have currently introduced the letters Aa, Ff, Ii, Mm, Nn, Rr, Ss, Ee, Tt, Uu, Pp, Kk, and Hh.  Practice letter sounds daily.

Standards: (RL.K.1) Ask and answer questions about key details in a text.
(RF.K.1d) Recognize and name all upper and lowercase letters in the alphabet.
(RL.K.4) Ask and answer questions about unknown words in a text.