Art with Ms. Deas


Animal Habitats by Ms. Wiley’s class.


Animal Habitats by Ms. John and Mr. Josh’s class.



If you haven’t already done so, please provide your child with a booster seat for future trips.

Please insert your child’s names in their clothing.




This month’s Unit of study is transportation.  Now that your children have done an in depth exploration of their senses, what makes them unique, and the world around them – they are ready to learn about how people go from place to place.  We will be reading books based on different vehicles that move through land, water, and air.  We encourage families to tell a favorite transportation story from the past – for example were you ever stuck on the subway or in traffic?  Have you flown or taken a boat somewhere exciting?   You can discuss one vehicle in detail or many different types of vehicles.  You can also discuss differences and similarities between two vehicles – for example a boat and a truck.

Foundational Texts we will be reading:

“Freight Train” by Donald Crews

“Sail Away” by Donald Crews

“Trucks” by Byron Barton

The Essential Question of this unit is:

How does my community use various modes of transportation?

Focus questions:

What kinds of transportation do I use and why?

How are various modes of transportation similar and different?

Who operates the vehicles in my community?

How do we stay safe when using transportation.


Learning Standards:

PDH.9 Demonstrates awareness and understanding of safety rules.

Pk. CLL 10: Actively engage in group reading activities with purpose and understanding.

Pk.CLL 11: with prompting and support, make connections between self, text and the world around them ( text, media, social interaction).