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Ms. John & Mr. Josh Starry Starry Night



Trip Monday, March 20, 2018- to The Botanical Garden, bring lunch and booster seat if available.

Please insert your child’s names in their clothing.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!





This month’s unit of study is Water, children move from thinking critically about light, darkness and shadows to an exploration of the properties and uses of water.

Foundational texts we will be reading:

“Water Dance” by Thomas Locker: Follow our planet’s resource on its daily journey through our world.

“Rain!” By Linda Ashman: Can one boy’s natural exuberance (and perhaps a cookie) cheer up the grouchy gentleman and turn the day around?

“Snow” by Uri Shulevitz: When snowflakes start to swirl down on the city, one boy and his dog are the only ones who know how to truly enjoy it.

“Float” by Daniel Miyares: A boy’s small paper boat and his large imagination fill the pages of this wordless picture book.

” Water Can Be…” by Laura Purdie Salas: This book explores what water can be in a way that is imaginative and informative.

Vocabulary in this unit:

absorb, beach, boat, boil, cloud, diver, drink, evaporate, ferry, float, freeze, liquid, melt

The Essential Question of this unit is:

What does water do?

Focus  questions:

 Where can we find water?

 What happens to water when it changes temperature?

 What happens when we put things in water?

 How does water help us?



Learning Standards:

PK.CLL.7: With prompting and support, students will engage in a picture walk to make connections between self, illustrations, and the story. Reading Standards for Informational Text

PK.CLL.2: With prompting and support, retell detail(s) in a text