2nd Grade Volcano Non-Fiction Reports





Ready Gen Unit 1 Module B:  Decisions

Anchor Text: Do I Need It? or Do I Want It? by Jennifer Lanson

Supporting Text:  I Wanna Iguana By Karen Kaufman Orloff

Students will be working with the text to deepen their understanding by asking questions about the text.  As readers they will understand that questions help clarify and extend their ideas about the text.   As readers, students will also explore the author’s use of details and facts to support an opinion.   As the over arching theme of the unit,  learners will explore content to understand that people make decisions based on their needs, wants, and availability of resources.

If you would like to explore the text along with your student at home you can find the text at your local library or use this link for I Wanna Iguana.


RL2.5 Identify and understand story structure.

RL2.4  Understand that writers use details and dialogue to enhance writing.

RL2.1 Use key ideas and details to answer questions during a close reading.


Students should read for 30 minutes every night.  Students are going to come home with a book baggie and will be able to shop our classroom library once a week.  Another great reasource available is your local library, take a trip on the weekend and explore new and exciting authors and characters.