Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to a new school year! We are very excited to begin our new path of success. By working together we can reach our second grade goals. As your child’s teachers, we intend to give every child all the guidance we can to prepare him/her for the third grade.

This year we will be working on many wonderful activities. These activities will promote growth and independence in our students. Your children will be role models for the rest of the school, since they are outstanding second graders. In order to have a successful year, please ensure that each child has the following supplies:

-Ear buds (ear phones) – for their individual laptops
-6 Marble Composition Books
-6 2-pocket folders
-2 packs of Post-its
-2 boxes of #2 pencils
-2 packs of loose leaf paper
-Box of tissues
-Hand Sanitizer or Liquid Hand Soap
-1 gallon size box of Ziploc bags
-1 sandwich size box of Ziploc bags

We would appreciate it if you can purchase these supplies as soon as possible. We are eager to begin working on our projects, as well as feeding our brains with knowledge. We look forward to a strong start to the new school year.

Sincerely yours,

Mrs. Schauder and Mrs. Martinez




Ready Gen Unit 1 Module A:  Decisions

Text: “Alexander Who Used To Be Rich Last Sunday” by Judith Viorst

Supporting Text:  “A Chair For My Mother” by Vera Williams

Students will explore the texts, analyze the characters and study the structure of the stories.  They will recognize that people make decisions based on their needs and wants.

Students will learn benchmark vocabulary, engage in accountable independent reading and have discussions based on the text.


RL2.3 Identify how characters respond to major events or challenges.

RL2.7 Use illustrations to better understand the text.

RL2.1 Use key ideas and details to answer questions during a close reading.


Students should read for 30 minutes every night.  Students are going to come home with a book baggie and will be able to shop our classroom library once a week.