Dear Parents,

Welcome to a new school year. This year is going to be a TERRIFIC year! Usually a new school year means nervous mornings and lots of adjusting. This year will be filled with excitement, fun and lots of learning. Your child will be given the tools and opportunities needed to have a successful year. We believe that as we continue on our educational journey your child will develop a true love for knowledge and adventure.

Hopefully by working TOGETHER, we can ease some of the new class jitters. As your child’s teachers, we intend to give every child all the guidance we can to prepare them for a successful school year. We value open communication between school and home. We will keep in constant communication with you regarding happenings within our classroom. We will also keep in contact with you regarding your child’s academic gains and/or struggles. If at any time you feel there is a concern, please contact us as soon as possible. Together, we can work to ensure that the situation is resolved.

We know we are going to have a TERRIFIC year! We are eager to meet you and chat during our back to school night on September 13th 2017. We look forward to starting the new school year on a strong leg.

Educationally yours,

The Third Grade Team
Ms. Slack, Ms. Leibowitz & Ms. Carter


Third Grade Supply List:

This year we will be working on many wonderful activities. These activities will promote growth and independence in our students. In order to have a successful year, please ensure that each child has the following supplies:

-7 Marble Composition Books
-5 2 – Pocket folders
-2 2 – Pocket folders with prongs
-Package of sheet protectors
-1 Ream of copy paper
-2 Packs of Post-its
-Pack of #2 pencils
-Box of colored pencils or crayons
-Box of markers
-Small Pencil Sharpener
-Box of Tissues
-Hand Sanitizer
-1 Gallon size box of Ziploc bags
-1 Roll of paper towels

We would appreciate it if you can purchase these supplies as soon as possible. We are eager to begin working on our projects; as well as, feeding our brains with knowledge.  Thank you!





Welcome back to school. Your children are getting ready to embark on a fabulous journey through our reading program. The students will be focusing on Observing the World Around Us!

The Big Ideas for this unit include:

Close Observation, Problem Solving, and Change Over Time.

Throughout the unit, your children will be able to show how a character’s motivations affect the sequence of events within a story.

The anchor text is “The Case of the Grasping Garbage” by Michelle Torrev

It is imperative that your child reads every night for a minimum of 30 minutes. Please study the following words with your child at home.

  1. solution – blend, compound, elixir
  2. overwhelm – overpower, overcome
  3. efficient – renewable, fuel
  4. competition – contest, winner, contestant
  5. location – site

Your child has access to various online text. They can login to MyOn or ReadingPlus

This unit will be addressing the following standards:

RL3.3: Describe characters in a story and explain how their actions contribute to the sequence of events.

L3.6: Understand that temporal words show the order of events in a story.